About me

I am passionate about cultivating emotional intelligence, rooted in mindfulness and self-awareness, to impact change in our lives and in the work we care about. I am an ICF-certified coach and also trained in emotional intelligence as a meta coach with Beyond EI.  The path that led me here began almost a decade ago, with Vipassana meditation in the tradition of S.N. Goenka, where I meditated in complete silence for ten days.  I learned that being with yourself for this extended period of time without any external distractions forces us to confront our minds, see the conditioning in our thoughts, and understand how our reactions create the world we are driven to change. Through this initial experience, I felt that I had barely scratched the surface of who I am and with every subsequent silent meditation retreat, I’ve realized the power of awareness and equanimity in shaping who we are and how we show up in the world.

I believe that it’s this inner journey that guided me to work as a leadership coach and a director with Dalai Lama Fellows, where I selected and coached emerging social change leaders from across six continents. These individuals astonished me and moved me with their courage, passion, and brilliance.  Yet common and recurring challenges are feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, disconnection, and feeling like “not enough”. Through our work together, they’ve reconnected with their inner power and resilience and cultivated emotional awareness, self-compassion, and clarity. They learn how to lead themselves and their teams with wisdom. 


Other people whom I have worked with include Echoing Green Fellows, Rhodes Scholars, and Cheng Fellows from the Social Innovation and Change Initiative (SICI) program at Harvard.  I have also facilitated reflective leadership workshops and retreats for various leadership programs and start-up teams around the world.


I have a gift for facilitating vulnerable spaces and conversations, where people feel safe to step into their authenticity.  I believe that we must grow and change from within to create a deep and sustained impact in the world outside, and I draw on my training in Vipassana meditation as well as my training as a meta coach with Beyond EI to support this cultivation in others.