"Bela Shah is one of the most thoughtful and thorough coaches I have come across. Over the past few months, the techniques that she's shown me have helped me become more grounded and more ambitious while improving the experience of the people I lead."  (Founder, PACEMaker, Intl)

"During the retreat, Bela created a safe space for students to connect, reflect, and share openly, despite having never met them before. In their reflections, students shared that the retreat was one of their favorite sessions of the year – the space created allowed them to authentically reflect on their relationship with themselves and others in a way that deepened the community in our cohort and created renewed energy for their work moving forward.”  (Harvard SICI Cheng Fellowship)

"I started working with Bela when I was making a career transition. I was uncomfortable with my inner self and lacked the courage to follow my dreams. Working with Bela proved to be immensely nurturing. She provided me with the space to be authentically myself without fear. It was one of the most transformative experiences of my life." (Fulbright Fellow and Founder, Kahaani Wale)

Individual Coaching

​Skills that my clients walk away with include their ability to:

  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Release fear and self-doubt
  • Change unhealthy perfectionist tendencies
  • Develop healthy striving habits
  • Increase trust, empathy, and connection with team members
  • Increase inner clarity and trust in their intuitive wisdom
  • Cultivate self-compassion and self-acceptance

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Team Coaching


Outcomes that teams walk away with:

  • Increased trust and collaboration

  • Deeper listening and empathy

  • Increased inclusion and psychological safety

  • Norms and processes that reflect team values

  • Awareness of each other's strengths and other positive attributes


Workshops and Retreats for Groups (Accelerators, Fellowships)​

Skills that groups walk away with include their ability to: 

  • Identify and lead with values

  • Reconnect with their "why"

  • Manage difficult emotions

  • Practice self-care and self-compassion

  • Apply mindfulness and somatic techniques to manage stress and increase resilience

Former clients include Harvard Cheng Fellows, Project 55 - Princeton Alumni Corps, Dalai Lama Fellows


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Individual Coaching:

~ 3 to 12 sixty-minute sessions based on your goals and challenges, virtual

Group or Team Coaching:

~1 to 3 sixty - ninety-minute sessions, in-person or virtual

Workshops and Retreats:

~Half Day or Full Day, in-person or virtual

Mindfulness Practices:

~Insight Timer Page

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