Meet Bela

Emotional Intelligence

for Human Beings and Social Change Leaders 

How can I help

Individual Coaching: What you walk away with

Team Coaching: What you walk away with

Virtual and In-Person Workshops: what you walk away with


Who am I and Why am I doing this work?

I grew up as a first generation immigrant, between two cultures and often competing values and beliefs. I’ve also lived and worked in four continents.  These experiences have gifted me with the capacity to listen deeply, hold paradoxes, and work with individuals from all walks of life and diverse parts of the world.  I’ve coached and facilitated workshops for emerging leaders and professionals from across six continents and learned that no matter how polished or successful we present ourselves to be, we are all human beings that struggle with our inner critics and unrealistic ideals of perfectionism. Through our work together, which is rooted in mindfulness and self-awareness, we reconnect with our inner power, we embrace who we are, and we learn to lead with wisdom. 

Individual Coaching

  • Tools and practices to cultivate greater self-awareness 

  • Increased emotional balance, clarity, and discernment

  • Increased resilience and ability to manage stress 

  • Self-compassion cultivation and building the inner coach

  • Embracing your inner power

Team Coaching

  • Understand and lead with shared values 

  • Create psychological safety within your teams through connection

  • Learn how to manage self and others through uncertainty

  • Inspire your team members by cultivating a positive outlook

  • Create influence through empathy and other relational skills


Workshops and Retreats​

  • Reconnect with your purpose
  • Identify and reflect on how to lead with values

  • Understand the benefits of mindfulness and emotional intelligence

  • Learn practices to cultivate self-awareness, emotional balance,  and self-compassion

  • Learn techniques to manage stress and become more resilient

How will we get there?

The foundation for my coaching is rooted in thousands of hours of silent meditation and training as a meta coach with Goleman EI, which has cultivated my capacity to listen deeply and serve as a mirror that guides you in discovering your own insights, truth, and wisdom.


I sense into the energy of what you need and integrate contemplative practices and exercises that add value for your inner growth and discovery.


I help you to connect the dots between your past and present, and through the coaching and documented reflections and insights that I share back with you, you feel inspired and empowered to step into your power, craft a new story, and realize your highest potential.

Who are you?

You are an emerging leader who is passionately committed to impacting social change and social justice but challenged to overcome fear, anxiety, and self-limiting beliefs.


You are a passionate program team that is committed to your mission but are also working to build psychological safety on your team, lead with your values, and find balance in your working styles. 

You are a professional in transition, who is seeking to understand yourself better and reconnect with your values and purpose.

You are someone who believes that a more just and equitable world is possible, but feels stuck and unclear about the way forward.

You are someone who is open to learning more about yourself through reflection and inquiry and curious to see how your inner world influences your work, relationships, and the change you seek to create.

Where can we go together?

People come to me with goals and ideas of what they are looking for and where they want to be, but begin to discover through coaching who they really are and what makes them flourish from within.

Whether you’re a senior executive or a young change-maker, whether your goal is to change how you lead at work or create sustainable impact, at the root of it all, we are human beings.

We have struggled and failed. We’ve persevered and succeeded. Beneath our failure and our successes lie who we truly are. Discovering who you are changes everything.


About me

I am passionate about cultivating emotional intelligence, rooted in mindfulness and self-awareness, to impact change in our lives and in the work we care about. I am a certified meta coach with Goleman EI and the International Coaching Federation.  The path that led me here began almost a decade ago, with Vipassana meditation in the tradition of S.N. Goenka, where I meditated in complete silence for ten days.  I learned that being with yourself for this extended period of time without any external distractions forces us to confront our minds, see the conditioning in our thoughts, and understand how our reactions create the world we are driven to change. Through this initial experience, I felt that I had barely scratched the surface of who I am and with every subsequent silent meditation retreat, I’ve realized the power of awareness and equanimity in shaping who we are and how we show up in the world.

I believe that it’s this inner journey that guided me to work as a leadership coach and a director with Dalai Lama Fellows, where I selected and coached emerging social change leaders from across six continents. These individuals astonished me and moved me with their courage, passion, and brilliance.  Yet common and recurring challenges are overwhelm, anxiety, disconnection, and feeling like “not enough”. Through our work together, they’ve reconnected with their inner power and resilience and cultivated emotional awareness, self-compassion, and clarity. They learn how to lead themselves and their teams with wisdom. 


Other people who I have worked with include Echoing Green Fellows, Rhodes Scholars, and Cheng Fellows from the Social Innovation and Change Initiative (SICI) program at Harvard.  I have also facilitated reflective leadership workshops and retreats for various leadership programs and start-up teams around the world.


I have a gift for facilitating vulnerable spaces and conversations, where people feel safe to step into their authenticity.  I believe that we must grow and change from within to create a deep and sustained impact in the world outside, and I draw on my training in Vipassana meditation as well as my training as a meta coach with Daniel Goleman EI to support this cultivation in others.