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Foot Tracks on Sand

Discover and Step into Your Best Self

Awareness-based Coaching for Startups and Social Change Leaders

Who are you?

You are someone who is open to learning more about yourself through reflection and inquiry and curious to see how your inner world influences your work, relationships, and the change you seek to create.

You are an emerging leader or startup founder who is passionately committed to impacting social change and social justice but challenged to overcome fear, anxiety, and self-limiting beliefs.


You are a passionate program team that is committed to your mission but are also working to build psychological safety on your team, lead with your values, and find balance in your working styles. 

You are a professional in transition, who is seeking to understand yourself better and reconnect with your values and purpose.

You are someone who believes that a more just and equitable world is possible, but feels stuck and unclear about the way forward.

"Bela Shah is one of the most thoughtful and thorough coaches I have come across. Over the past few months, the techniques that she's shown me have helped me become more grounded and more ambitious while improving the experience of the people I lead."  

Peggy Motivo, Founder, PACEMaker, Intl

Foot Tracks on Sand

How can I help?

Individual Coaching

Skills that my clients walk away with include their ability to:

  • Manage stress and anxiety

  • Release fear and self-doubt

  • Change unhealthy perfectionist tendencies

  • Develop healthy striving habits

  • Increase trust, empathy, and connection with team members

  • Cultivate inner clarity and deeper connection with oneself

  • Cultivate self-compassion and self-acceptance

Team Coaching

Outcomes that teams walk away with:​

  • Increased trust and collaboration

  • Deeper listening and empathy

  • Increased inclusion and psychological safety

  • Norms and processes that reflect team values

  • Awareness of each other's strengths and other positive attributes


Workshops and Retreats​


Skills that groups walk away with include their ability to: 

  • Identify and lead with values

  • Reconnect with their "why"

  • Manage difficult emotions

  • Practice self-care and self-compassion

  • Apply mindfulness and somatic techniques to manage stress and increase resilience

Where can we go together?

People come to me with goals and ideas of what they are looking for and where they want to be, but begin to discover through coaching who they really are and what makes them flourish from within.

Whether you’re a senior executive or a young change-maker, whether your goal is to change how you lead at work or create sustainable impact, at the root of it all, we are human beings.

We have struggled and failed. We’ve persevered and succeeded. Beneath our failure and our successes lie our mindsets, our core beliefs and values, and our perceptions.  Discovering what's beneath the surface and how that impacts the way you show up in the world is what creates deep and lasting change.

What My Clients Have Walked Away With

"Through working with Bela, I've found myself to be a lot more trusting of my own intuition and compassionate of myself and others. The insights and tactics that come out of her coaching have resulted in a much stronger inner coach and more empowering self-image." (Founder, SwiftRead)

"Since working with Bela in the Cheng Fellowship and now beyond graduation, Bela has helped me cultivate greater connection and love with myself, better understanding of what triggers impatience or anxiety, and how to build trust within my team and among other stakeholders. Her recommendations are always action-oriented and I find myself incorporating my learnings every day in my meditation practice and in daily life!" (Co-Founder, Breaktime and Parker)

"I have felt reassured. High-performing areas and leaders at the institution I am in have inevitably pushed me towards feelings of inadequacy, impostor syndrome and insecurity. I deeply appreciate how Bela has not just listened to the things I am saying, but also, the things I am not saying. She has a unique gift in helping me see other parts of my life that I am able to address issues in or answer questions in and then helps me personally apply those problem-solving skills to the areas of my life I am maybe facing more cognitive dissonance towards, or more insecurity. By doing this, Bela equips her clients with an ability to hold the key to their own minds and hearts - not have it in someone else, which is both liberating and unlike any type of coaching I have ever experienced!" (Rhodes Scholar,  Founder, Serenity Project)

"I think Bela is amazing, but her excellence really has shined (in workshops and 1:1) in helping individuals to embrace self-acceptance, compassion, and extending empathy. As a result, I think individuals are able to develop more resilience in their work, more openness, and deeper connection with others." (Staff Director, SICI, Harvard Kennedy School)

How will we get there?

The foundation for my coaching is rooted in thousands of hours of silent meditation and training as a meta coach with Beyond EI, which has cultivated my capacity to listen deeply and serve as a mirror that guides you in discovering your own insights, truth, and wisdom.


I sense the energy of what you need, challange you with empathy, and integrate contemplative and somatic practices, reflective exercises, and powerful questions that add value to your inner growth and discovery.


I help you to connect the dots between your past and present, and through the coaching and documented reflections and insights that I share back with you, you feel inspired and empowered to step into your power, craft a new story, and realize your highest potential.

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